We have a library of books and videos and dvds for information around various aspects of living with epilepsy which can be borrowed for a small returnable deposit. All library items are subject to availability.

Below is a list of the books, DVDs and videos that we hold in the library.

Library Books

Epilepsy in Women
Everything a child needs to know about epilepsy
Born on a Blue epilepsy Day
Epilepsy The Facts
Whats up with Wendy
At your finger tips epilepsy
Coping with epilepsy
Living with epilepsy a guide to taking control
Epilepsy the facts 3rd edition
Understanding epilepsy
Epilepsy in later life
Epilepsy fast facts 2nd edition
Snatches of living
A dance in the desert
Epilepsy bereaved
Weathering the storms
Flying high
Men and epilepsy
Epilepsy, psychiatry and learning difficulty
Epilepsy family health guide
Matthew’s friends the ketogenic diet
Epilepsy and the young adult life
My mum has epilepsy
Hand in hand
This is my story
A traveller’s handbook for persons with epilepsy
Epilepsy explained
At your fingertips epilepsy and your child
Your child’s epilepsy
I have epilepsy
Coping with epilepsy in children and young people
Epilepsy a guide for parents, families and suffers
Finding out about epilepsy

Learning about epilepsy
The children’s epilepsy fun book
Family health guide
Epilepsy policy for schools
Epilepsy questions and answers
That’s what friends are for
Epilepsy the detective’s story
Understanding epilepsy
Living with difficult to control epilepsy
Epilepsy how I feel
The bigger picture epilepsy and mood
Living with epilepsy
Epilepsy Explained

Library Videos

V.N.S. therapy stimulating life
Putting you in the picture
Epileptic seizures

Library DVDs

Matthew’s friends the ketogenic journey
My dad has epilepsy
The lost prince
Epileptic seizures
The right stuff
One life living with epilepsy
Managing your epilepsy
First aid for seizures
Epileptic seizures
Rectal Diazepam for professional carers
Rectal Diazepam for parents
Is it epilepsy your tests explained
Epilepsy in later life managing the challenges
Buccal Midazolam Administration Guide