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Moving from DLA to PIP use our helpfull guide for advice about these two benefits

Every one who is aged from 16 to 64 years of age will have to move from Disability Living Allowance (DlA) to Personal Independence Payment (PIP). PIP is a points based benefit where the claimant has to score 8 point Standard Rate or 12 point Enhanced Rate for the Daily Living Component formally DlA care component. The other component is called the Mobility Component where again you have to score 8 points Standard Rate or 12 points Enhanced Rate. Certain aides and appliances including a Dosette Box count as points for PIP. To find out the activities and descriptors and points for PIP please type PIP descriptors into your search engine.

The first stage to claim PIP is that you have to phone the Department of Works and Pension (DWP) on 08009172222 or Text Phone on 08009177777 and speak to a DWP representative who will ask you basic information including your medication and name and address of a medical professional who knows you best and your National Insurance Number and bank details.
The second stage of your claim is that the DWP will send you a paper form or you can download a printable copy of the form from

    Please don’t struggle filling in the form as there is plenty of help available for you please see below.

The Ipswich disabled advice Bureau cover the area of Ipswich to Shotley and have outreach services at Hadleigh and Brantham starting from March 2017. This organises runs an appointments only service which is completely free and completely confidencial and have trained Benefit advisors to help you and give you other benefit advice for an appointment please phone 01473 217313. There are other Disability advice Services that may be nearer to you to find out what is available please use your browser.
Epilepsy Action has helpful tips and advice and a mock PIP form on there website. For there website and The Ipswich Disabled advice Centre’s details and other organisations please go to our links tab.
Some helpful web sites are and www.directgov. Please note some other services may charge so please ask before you use them. There are other helpful web sites also available as always please keep safe when using the Internet with an up to date antivirus tool.