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Love Logic a poem writen by Mr. N. Yule

Such becomes a need of fantasy reshaped to form a living desire and the apprehension felt to so derive.
Fulfilment means the operation of true love firm feelings, floated from one unto another to show our very best. Such dealings dealt in doing as shown presentation of their very wanting need.
Many thoughts of course are yet outstanding as developed in their prime, and being so much the make-up of what we call our time.
New dreams and great endeavours that form all current play, to list those demands, or yes those wishful aims, their successes in conclusion, that fulfil our loving ways.

This poem was written by Mr. N Yule founder of the Ipswich Epilepsy Support Group. If you like this poem this and many more can be found in the book entitled Ten of the Best A showcase of Poetry published by United Press.