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Spring Budget 2024

Speaking on the 6th March the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a £45 Million investment into research for Cancer, Dementia and Epilepsy.
The increased investment in Life Sciences was part of the Governments annual 2024 Spring Budget.
Jeremy Hunt said the money would help fund research into new medicines for these condition
Source Epilepsy Action.


The Ipswich Epilepsy Support Group is a registered charity and has no government funding any money the group secures is through fund raising so if you would like to donate any money to the group so we can continue to help people in the Suffolk area please donate via our Paypal account which is situated on our website.

Entitled To Benefits ?

People with Epilepsy could be entitled to some Benefits subject to your status and how your seizures effect you on a day day basis. Some Benefits available to people suffering with Epilepsy are Disability Living Allowance age limited is up to 16 years of age, Personal Independence Payment age limit is from the age of over 16 and up to 65 though certain rules may apply for claimants to continue claiming this benefit over the age of 65, Employment Support Allowance Support Group income based and contribution based, Employment Support Allowance Work Related Activity Group, Carers Allowance and certain other Universal Credit disability benefits linked to Universal Credit.

Please note the above Benefits may be eligible to other people with other medical conditions or disabilities.

There are a lot of Benefits available not linked to disabilities see below for a quick guide

Universal Credit, Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance, Council Tax Reduction, Budgeting Loans and advances, Funeral Payments Cold Weather Payment. There are other benefits available to many to mention so for a full break down of these and all the other benefits available please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or another benefit related organisation ,DWP or phone the Ipswich Disabled Advice Bureau on 01473 217313. See are links tab for some organisations.
Source Ipswich Epilepsy Support Group.