Monthly Archives: September 2017

Seizures Renamed

The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) has announced some new names for seizures and some new seizure types. ILAE is a world wide group of epilepsy professionals which aims to increase knowledge about epilepsy and improve epilepsy treatment and care.
The seizure classification means healthcare professionals have a clear set of guidelines telling them what different seizures look like, and what to call them.
You can find more information on particular seizures and how the new classification works at

Ipswich Epilepsy Support Group Goes Silver

The group has just celebrated its 25th year as a registered charity at The Bistro On The Key and we would like to thank every one who has used the group for help and advice and we would like to thank every one who has helped with any aspect of funding and helped keep the group going so we can help the community in and around the Ipswich and surrounding area.
Please don’t forget that we have a help line run by committee members 01473 461407 which is available between the hours 9am to 10pm for advice about epilepsy.