Trolls target people with epilepsy in online attack

Online trolls have deliberately attacked people with epilepsy by posting seizure-inducing videos on Twitter. In November last year malicious users hijacked epilepsy Foundation’s Twitter account @EpilepsyFdn and hashtag to post graphics and videos containing flashing lights and strobe effects. It’s not certain how many people have been affected but the Epilepsy Foundation has decided to press criminal charges against the users involved. The organization has identified more than 30 Twitter accounts responsible for posting the videos. In response Twitter took the measure to ban certain animated graphic files from its platform. This was after the social media organization discovered a bug that caused these types of files to autoplay when tweets were sent.
In a statement Twitter said we want everyone to have a safe experience on Twitter. These graphics were fun but they don’t respect autoplay settings so we are removing the ability to add them to Tweets. This is for the safety of people with sensitivity to motion and flashing imagery including those with Epilepsy.
Photosensitive epilepsy is said to affect around 3% of people with epilepsy. In the UK around 20,000 people are said to be vulnerable to flashing lights or strobe effects such as those in cinemas or nightclubs.
Source Epilepsy Action