Five Year Old “hero” helps mum during seizure

A five year-old girl has been called a “hero” for getting help when her mum had a seizure.
Lisa Wainwright had a seizure out of the blue at her Derbyshire home when she was alone with her daughters Esme, five and Amelia, two.
When the seizure started Esme handed her mum the phone who then typed a message to her husband Ash, When Ash rang back Esme picked up the phone and told him what had happened. She unlocked the door when he came home.
He saw that she had covered her mum over with a blanket and had stopped her little sister from crying by setting up her tablet for entertainment.
The 34 year old mum of two called Esme a “hero” and a “superstar” and said she’s really proud of Esme.