M.A.C.C.Y. D.

Why it’s a MaCCCy D for us

A big thanks to McDonalds for going the extra mile when a customer had a cluster of seizures in one of their branches. Not only did staff treat her with kindness and sensitivity, but the fast food chain also shared our ‘Calm, Cushion, Call’ messaging on their social media.

Brian’s daughter was with a friend in the Leisure Park branch of McDonalds in Stevenage when she had a cluster of seizures.

Brian  afterwards took to Twitter to praise the kind and caring member of staff, Nicola, who supported his daughter saying that she was “really caring” and “sensitive” and took time to make sure his daughter was ok, while other staff covered for her.

McDonalds added their thanks to Nicola and also shared our Calm, Cushion, Call messaging with their 240k followers on Twitter.

A spokesperson for Twitter told the Epilepsy Society: “We were really pleased to share your message with our Twitter followers. It really made my week to work on this.”

McDonalds also shared the 3Cs messaging with their 43,000 crew members via their newsletter, News Bites. 

Nicola Swanborough, Head of External Affairs at the charity said: “It is really good to hear how staff supported Brian’s daughter during a seizure. And we are very grateful to McDonalds for sharing our Calm, Cushion, Call seizure first aid message on their Twitter feed and through their newsletter. This is amazingly powerful in helping members of the public to understand about seizure first aid.”

Our 3Cs campaign ‘Calm, cushion, call’

Source Epilepsy Action